Newsletter #1

First Newsletter!

Hello, Hello! It’s finally here! The very first newsletter for Subverting Expectations. Thank you for being a part of this journey over the last year and a half. There are some exciting updates that I wanted to share with you all & what better way to do that than through a newsletter?

I have been looking for a space for the store for just over a year now & after 4, yes 4, realtors I think we found the one (realtor that is). But I have also put in an offer on a space, so if all goes well the physical location will be opening this year! It’s all very surreal.

The website is also being redesigned, so it will have a whole new look & feel very soon. It will be more representative of the personality of the store & you may notice some differences in how to order books. We are also excited to add merch! So keep an eye out for these exciting changes!

I promise not to spam you all with emails, but I do want to keep everyone updated so expect monthly emails. Also make sure to follow on social media for real time updates.

Independent Bookstore Day

We are excited to announce that Independent Bookstore Day is coming up on April 29th! This is a special day dedicated to supporting independent bookstores like ours. We will be celebrating with Chukaruka (a Black and Latina owned bookstore), at Cafe con Libros (a non-profit bookstore dedicated to promoting literacy in the community) from 10am-10pm.

As an independent intersectional feminist bookstore, we are committed to amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, including women & non-binary individuals, as well as people of color. Our shelves are stocked with a diverse range of feminist literature, from classic texts to contemporary works that challenge the status quo.

On Independent Bookstore Day, we invite you to come browse our selection and discover new feminist voices. We will also have special promotions, exclusive merchandise, and giveaways throughout the day.

Thank you for supporting our independent feminist bookstore. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Subverting Expectation


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